Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics, or otherwise, root canal treatment, involves saving existing teeth before irreversible damage occurs that stops a tooth from being repaired.

Endodontics comes into play when the dental pulp inside your tooth becomes inflamed, or otherwise infected. This occurs due to tooth decay and it won’t disappear by itself.

Unfortunately, infection can also spread across your gums and to other teeth across the root canal system if left untreated. Its therefore vital to get root canal treatment before it’s too late to save your tooth. Further complications can occur such as an abscess, and loss of a tooth.

However, we at Burgess Road Dental carry out Endodontics, otherwise known as Root Canal Surgery/Treatment to remedy such issues!

The aim of the treatment is to remove all infections from the root canal. The root is cleaned, the infected pulp is removed, and then filled to prevent any further complications. A root filled tooth can look darker after treatment, but there are techniques to lighten the tooth after this treatment. Your tooth will be safe after treatment, but a crown can be fitted for extra support and strength.